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We stock a range of fiction and non-fiction titles from a wide variety of publishers. We tend to stock titles that larger booksellers don't; and we tend to avoid titles that larger booksellers stock. That's because we believe in giving all authors a chance - let's face it, you can get mainstream books anywhere!

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Our kids' titles are hand picked by us. Guaranteed we've read them all! We are massive fans of kids' books that are recommended by people with kids; and by people that remember being kids and having memories of those special books that brought them joy. Make reading the best fun!

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A few other things...

  • We are part of the 'Just a Card' scheme, encouraging people to support small, independent businesses

  • We stock National Book Tokens

  • Andrew is delighted to have been asked to be a judge in the Radio 2 '500 Words' competition this year

  • We have a second floor space that can be used for meetings, book groups or other purposes - it's a space with some chairs... please chat to us if you'd like to find out about hiring the space.



Yes folks, my exquisite emporium of bookish delights is now set up on bookshop.org. And it didn’t take me anywhere near as long as it did to get round to getting the shop registered on HIVE.


We all know that nothing will ever beat visiting a bookshop in person – especially an indie bookshop; there’s the dazzling and eclectic selection of books, the witty repertoire and the charming bookseller to start with. But there’s also the opportunity to pick up, touch, stroke and even sniff the books. It’s a massive part of what books in their physical form are about.


However it is not always possible (especially at the moment) to visit in person, but now you can continue to support your local bookshop via bookshop.org.


Bookshop.org was set up with the aim of giving bookshops and booksellers a chance and a way to compete with ‘them that shall not be named’. It also has the support of not only bookshops and booksellers, but also publishers and authors.


The way it works is simple. Just go to https://uk.bookshop.org/shop/diallanebooks and choose a local bookshop (me) to support. Then simply choose the titles you want. All of the titles listed come from central depots so the bookshops are not actually supplying the books, but do get a percentage of the sale price.


To put it another way, every book that is purchased via my link on bookshop.org gives me 30% of the sale price.


Thank you for your continued support. 


OUR shop

The history of us ... from deciding to open an independent bookshop to the opening ceremony!



My name's Andrew Marsh and I've always had a great love of reading, and also of books themselves. There's nothing better than browsing the shelves of a bookshop and finding something that you just want to dive into. Even the smell of a book brings me joy!

I refer to this section as 'about us', rather than 'about me' because, to get to where I am today has been a journey that lots of us have shared: from publishers to authors; from makers to designers, from painters and decorators to artists and, from friends and family to my long-suffering partner.


As authors dedicate books, I'd like to dedicate this venture to all of those that have helped me to realise a dream. I've never worked in publishing or the book industry; I've never owned my own business; I've merely wanted, one day, to own a bookshop and now I do!

My vision was always to offer an alternative to online and large chain bookshops in terms of giving smaller publishers and up-and-coming authors a platform; to looking at alternatives to the mainstream and to giving both adults and children somewhere to come and enjoy my love of books and of reading. I hope you find something that brings you joy and, if you're looking for something particular, or for a recommendation, please come in and chat. I look forward to meeting you.


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