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Welcome to our new blog, and our new, independent bookshop - Ipswich's only one! We open our doors on Tuesday 3rd March at 9:30am and really hope to meet you all soon.

As this is the first blog, we wanted it to be a round-up of the people that have featured in our journey to opening so, here goes - here are the motley crew:

Tony Felgate

Tony to some, Foxy to me. My other - and better - half. Meeting him completely changed my life and made me a better, nicer and happier person. None of this would be possible without him: his input, his enthusiasm and his support. As well as his staying power.

Tony has a love of language and a way with words all of his own, and he has been integral in many of the book choices in

the shop.


Dial Lane Books is the result of what happens what happens when you don't sleep and you find someone who is as awake and alert and 'on it' at 5am as you are. Someone who 'gets' you.

Not quite the silent partner but a partner nonetheless. Her enthusiasm and ideas and ability to kick ass have been as much a part of this bookshop ideas as the carefully curated books themselves.

Benny is the illustrator behind both our kids' area mural and lots of the plant pots that you'll see around and about the place.

We've known Benny for a few years and followed his work around the community... we've even got several of his pieces at home.

Thanks go to this amazing artist for his vision, his 'just get on with it' attitude and for giving the shop something that I just couldn't provide a brief for!

The maker behind our brilliant ampersand lamp. Darren's brief was to create something to hang on the fireplace, but something that represented books and reading and our bookshop. As the ampersand was, historically, the 27th letter of the alphabet, what could be more fitting. Having bought several amazing lamps from Darren before, we knew that he'd just 'get it'!

Painter and decorator supreme. He's transformed the outside of the shop from a neutral white to a range of greys that fit in with our branding.

Not just a slap of paint but lots of filling in and making good before he could start.

What a difference it's made too!

Tim Germain

The master of making things from wood. Tim is responsible for the shelving, the display units and the amazing shop counter.

Taking some ideas (and a budget), that I had Tim has used his trademark 'form and function' thoughts and design and built beautiful and useful wooden pieces that not only look great but have added features, such as storage built in. With input from Blunt Fabrications with the metalwork, Tim's attention to detail has been a delight.

Mistress of marketing and design, Miranda has unravelled a few thoughts on colours and likes/dislikes and turned them into a brand. We are oh so professional with a set of logos and brand guidelines and a whole series of pieces that make us hang together: Signage (printed/installed thanks to Hudson Signs), Business cards, Bookmarks, Posters, Website / social media, and endless advice!

We'll not get rid of her - she loves books and promises to always poke her nose in!

Danielle of The Stained Glass Studio and Stoke Bridge Workshops created a masterpiece in stained glass for the fanlight above our shop door.

When the sun hits the window, it's a delight to watch the colours change... all on brief and on brand.

Danielle is the best stained glass artist, bar none.

Ian of The Stained Glass Studio has not only been involved with our incredible fanlight panel, but has also stepped in with his DIY hat on and helped us to put the finishing touches to the shop itself.

There have been no end of things to consider along our journey to opening and, without the support of our amazing network of friends, colleagues and local artists, it just would not have been possible.

Annie is all about making the world a more colourful place. From her shop, Kaleidescope Eye by Rockafella Industries in Eagle Street, to the cushions she's hand-crafted for our kids' area (and her own hair), you can just tell she's as creative as they come.

Annie's been a great help to me in getting the shop ready for you to visit - it's those finishing touches that make everything come together.

And then there is an endless list of people who have just been there - friends, family, fellow business owners and supporters of my venture - thank you to you all for your advice, your support and for just dropping by ... you probably don't know it but you absolutely made my day when you decided to just take an interest!

So, that's the list of people that it's taken to get to this point. It's not a lonely job; it's a sociable job; and it's you lot that have made the journey so far amazing. Thank you!

See you all in the shop soon. And for those that haven't visited before, please feel free to ask for a pic in the shop and tag yourselves here ... let's show the world who loves books!

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