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Thanks for helping me realise a dream...

Hello book lovers...

Well, here we are then ... the final lap, the home straight, the end of another year. And what a year!!!! I wouldn't even know where to begin trying to put it all into words.

So, I'm just gonna waffle for a bit instead. Yes... again.

From my point of view, COVID aside, it's been an absolutely mind-blowing year. I finally realised a 30 year+ dream and flung open the doors to ye Olde Shoppe...

... then closed them...

... then opened them...

... then closed them...

... then opened them!

I'll be open on the 23rd from 9am-4pm (at least). I'm also going to open on the 24th from 9am-1pm and then... then I'm shutting up shop until Friday 8th January (Boris permitting, of course).

It really has been an absolutely incredible year, and each and every one of you have been totally amazing and 50 shades of awesome, and the support and love you've shown me from day one has been off-the-scale incredible. I genuinely cannot even begin to thank you enough. But... I need a rest. A proper rest.

And that's why I'm shutting for two weeks. And when I say shutting, I really do mean it. I'm no longer taking any orders whatsoever and, truth be told, I'm probably not even going to look at my emails or the shop social media accounts, so if you can, then please hold off on... well everything... until at least the 8th January.

I have plans for next year... of course I do, and I hope you'll all continue to be part of the weird and wonderful world of Dial Lane Books

Thank you. Genuinely thank you. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas, and a happy and prosperous and COVID-B-Gone 2020


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