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As a small independent business there are so many things that I could have done instead of sponsoring an owl, but for many reasons this has been really important for me to be involved.  It is of course about supporting St Elizabeth Hospice and the hard work that they do, however it is more than that,:Ipswich is my home, my town and I chose to set my shop up here because I want it to be part of a thriving community.  Ipswich suffers from too much negativity, of course it has it problems... where doesn't? However, there is a lot to love.

The Big Hoot Trail brings thousands of visitors to our wonderful town, following the trail and seeing the wonderful owls with artwork created by local artists, all brilliant.  I cannot wait to share pictures of my owl and others from the trail.  What I can reveal is that Kieran Page has created the artwork for my owl.... and it is amazing.

To celebrate The Big Hoot we will be once again doimg something very special with the shop window and producing some fantastic limited edition bookmarks for those who purchase from the shop during the trail.... we will also be stocking loads of owl related books .... its going to be a hoot


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