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We all know that nothing will ever beat visiting a bookshop in person – especially an indie bookshop; there’s the dazzling and eclectic selection of books, the witty repartee and the charming bookseller to start with. But there’s also the opportunity to pick up, touch, stroke and even sniff the books. It’s a massive part of what books in their physical form are about.


However it is not always possible to visit in person, but now you can continue to support your local bookshop via was set up with the aim of giving bookshops and booksellers a chance and a way to compete with ‘them that shall not be named’. It also has the support of not only bookshops and booksellers, but also publishers and authors.


The way it works is simple. Just go to: 


and choose a local bookshop (me) to support. Then simply choose the titles you want. All of the titles listed come from central depots so the bookshops are not actually supplying the books, but do get a percentage of the sale price.


To put it another way, every book that is purchased via my link on gives me 30% of the sale price.


Thank you for your continued support. 

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